A Mischievous Act
       The Earth was bathed in a warm rosy glow. The rays of the sun filtered through the window panes. I was still in bed as I was running a fever and did not go to school. My mother had gone to work and instructed me to take my medicine the night before.

       "Clank!" All of a sudden, a shattering sound of broken glass was heard, followed by the sight of a huge rock which had broken the window pane. I was startled momentarily. At that point, thousands of questions popped into my mind. "Who could have done this? What was the culprit's motive? What will happen next?" I dreaded the thought of having to explain the incident to my mother for she might think that I had been involved with undesirable people.

       I ran out to the corridor to see who it was, but there was not a soul in sight. I scanned the whole corridor and caught sight of a Mickey Mouse key chain lying on the floor. I picked it up, and suddenly, something struck me. I might know the owner of the key chain! "It must be her! The big bully, Christina!" I thought to myself. A few days ago, I had complained to Mrs Eng, my form teacher, about Christina because she had been pulling my hair.

       That evening, when my mother retuned home from work, I inched towards her and said, "Mum, there is something I need to let you know." "What is so urgent? Let me take my bath first," she replied. "But Mum, this is serious," I insisted, as I guided her into my room. The sight of the broken window pane stunned her. She knitted her eyebrows and I could see her temper was rising. I told her about the key chain and my suspicion.

       Immediately she got me to call Christina on the telephone. When Christina picked up The telephone, Mother bombarded her with lots of questions, and gave her a piece of her mind. At last, Christina apologized for committing the mischievous act. She promised to turn over a new leaf.

       The next day, Mother called a glazier to repair the broken window. When I was in school, Christina approached me with a gift of apology in her hand. She told me to accept it as a sign of forgiveness. She also told me that her parents were very busy at work and had no time to be with her. In addition, no one wanted to befriend her because the other pupils thought that she was proud. I gave her a pat on her shoulder and said that I was willing to be her friend. Her face brightened up.

       From that day onwards, the two of us became the best of friends as she learned to be helpful to others. Everyone could see the brand new Christina. I was glad that because we forgave Christina, she was willing to turn over a new leaf so quickly.