Monkeys In The Classroom
       My school is a very special school because it was built on top of the hill, surrounded by trees and plants. Every morning, when I arrive at school, I would feel very relaxed and refreshed as the morning air is very fresh. There are some animals roaming around and you could always hear birds chirping merrily every morning when the sun rises. I’m studying in Primary 6B and my mathematics teacher, Mr. Lee , is a very strict but caring teacher. He is very fond of animals. He even used animal names as our group names.

       One morning, I went to school as usual. “Find the area of triangle ABC,” Mr. Lee said, pointing to the white board, “A representative from the Peacock group please.” The girls stared at each other, unwilling to answer the question. “Please hurry,” Mr. Lee said impatiently. I stood up reluctantly and answered, “ 96 square centimeters.” “Monkey group, is the answer right or wrong?” asked, Mr. Lee, in a stern voice.

       The boys were not listening to what the teacher was saying. Instead, they were busy staring out of the classroom. The girls and I were curious and turned our heads towards the classroom door. We were terrified by what we saw and our jaws dropped. “Class, are you paying attention ...” Before the teacher could finish his sentence, there was a loud shriek from the girl next to me. “Monkeys! Monkeys!” she then shouted.

       Mr. Lee was quite flabbergasted when he noticed that there was a troop of monkeys playing outside our classroom. “Don’t be frightened, they won’t hurt you if you don’t disturb them.” Mr. Lee comforted us with a warm smile, as he liked animals. Just after he had finished, the smallest monkey noticed our classroom entrance and he entered our classroom with a somersault. The timid girl sitting beside me gave an involuntary cry. The other monkeys started to enter our classroom one by one when they discovered their companion was inside.

       Every one of us was very frightened and ran madly around the class. Some stood up on chairs, some held each other tightly and screamed. The class was filled with shouts and screams, which aggravated the situation. The monkeys were more thrilled when they heard the noise and saw us running about. They thought we were playing with them and they started to dance and run about too. That made us more frightened and mad.

       Mr. Lee was both worried and angry. He saw that the monkeys were violent and he could not possibly chase all of them out. He saw that the situation was serious. Without a second wasted, he dashed out of the classroom and sought help from the other teachers.

       One of the teachers took a bunch of bananas from the kitchen and rushed to our classroom while the others called the zoo. When the monkeys saw the bananas, they began to follow the teacher. The teacher brought the monkeys to the field and fed them with the bananas.

       After a while, the zookeepers arrived with some cages and nets. They soon got the monkeys into the cages and brought them to the zoo. The teachers thanked them and went back to us. We heaved a sigh of relief when we were told that the monkeys were taken away.