An Ordeal
       “My dear, it’s late. Go home and take a good rest. You still have to go to school tomorrow.” Mum said in a weak voice. Seeing her lying motionless on the hospital bed with such a pale face, I really had a hard time leaving her alone in the room. She is the only one I have ... if she is gone, I will be an orphan. “Right, I’m going now, bye,” I waved good bye to her. “Don’t worry, Mum’ll be okay,” she said. I forced a smile on my face and with that, I left the room.

       The next morning, after breakfast, I got my school bag and was ready to leave the house. I decided to visit my mother in the hospital immediately after school. Suddenly, the telephone rang. It was a call from the hospital. “I’m afraid that your mother would not make it, please come immediately!” the doctor said. I dropped the receiver involuntarily, too shocked by the news. It was a bolt from the blue. How could this be real? I kept asking myself.

       Without a second wasted, I dashed out of the house, went on the busy streets which were bustling with people from all walks of life. My heart leapt within me. As the minutes ticked by, my heartbeat increased. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I was afraid that I might not be able to see my mother again. I was even more afraid that when I arrived at the hospital, my mother had already gone. Suddenly, I felt as if I was afraid of everything, as if I was no longer a brave boy, as if I was a coward.

       Finally, I was opposite the hospital. That brightened me up a bit. It was a two way street and the traffic was very heavy that morning. After some time, I still could not cross the road. Once again, I was as anxious and worried as a cat on hot bricks. I could not wait any longer, I dashed across the road. I knew it was very dangerous, but all that was in my mind was to reach the hospital in time to see my mother.

       Just when I reached the other side, I heard a ‘screech’ and then a ‘crash’. I turned my head. Two cars had collided. The driver who was trying to avoid me stopped suddenly and was knocked by another car from behind. Fortunately, it was just a minor crash. “You have no time to waste, ... run!” I told myself.

       Two hands grabbed me tightly the minute I started to run. The two drivers looked at me sternly. One of them said, “Boy, please follow us to the police station, You are the one who had caused the accident.” “I ... I have to go to the hospital to see my mother! She’s dying, please let me go,” I shouted. “I am sorry!” the other man said. “Please! Please! I beg you, my mum is dying. I want to see her one last time before she’s gone!” I shot back, kneeling down on my knees. Tears of sadness and bitterness rolled down my cheeks like broken beads. “Please! I beg you! Let me see my mum one last time!” I cried out. The two drivers seemed touched by what was happening. “Right, we will follow you there,” they said.

       When I arrived in the hospital, my mother had already kicked the bucket. I cried my lungs out as I shook my mother’s corpse. “It’s all your fault, it’s all you fault!” I shouted at the drivers.

       After one month, I still could not get over my mun’s death. I did not know whether to blame the drivers or thank them as they did not charge me for the accident. I became an orphan then. I always wonder why God is so unfair to me, but till today, I still don’t understand the reason.