A Pleasant Mistake
       "Brother, I would like to be on television, acting with a famous actor," my sister expressed her wish dreamily. She was always dreaming that someday she would be a famous actress earning lots of money and having lots of fans. As for me, I was more down-to-earth and I preferred to be a detective.

       While we were chatting on our way home along our usual route, I noticed that a particular house was lighted up. It was strange as the day was bright. I was curious and decided to take a closer look. Just as I suspected, a robbery was taking place. I could see through the first floor window, a man pointing his gun at a woman. My sister saw it too and she was too frightened to move. She had her hands over her mouth and stood rooted to the ground. I took out my mobile phone and called the police.

       In the twinkling of an eye, the police appeared. The strange thing was that there did not seem to be any movement in the house. Two policemen walked bravely into the house while we followed closely behind. Strong beams of lights shone into our eyes directly. It almost blinded me. At last, the truth was revealed.

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       The director and his crew were shocked to see this strange group of police officers and two children walking into their midst. Suddenly, the director himself burst into laughter when he realised what had happened. We felt silly but at the same time relieved that he did not scold us for disrupting his filming. Instead of getting angry, the director invited us to act in a small part in his show. My sister was elated and her eyes sparkled with joy. She agreed immediately. Her wish had come true. I did not like to appear on television so I rejected the director's offer. My sister enjoyed herself so much that she forgot her initial fear. At the end of the session, the director paid us a token sum. To my surprise, I was also given a token sum even though I did not participate.

After that we thanked the director and his crew for their kindness and we ran all the way home, anxious to hear what our parents had to say about the incident. It was a lovely mistake and a blessing in disguise!