A Robbery
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       The sky was an expanse of azure blue dotted with magnolia white clouds. That hot afternoon, I was on my way home after school. When I reached my flat, I waited patiently at the lift lobby for the lift to arrive. As the lift door opened, two men suddenly appeared and rushed into the lift after me.

       Both men were wearing ties and carrying briefcases. I looked at them and wondered if they were new occupants in my block. Suddenly, without warning, one of the men took out a knife and flashed it at me. I was dumbfounded and momentarily stood rooted to the ground. I did not know what to do as everything seemed to happen so fast. The two men then demanded for all my valuables. I took my wallet and gave it to them.

       At that moment, the lift door opened and the two men rushed out as fast as they could. I ran out and screamed at the top of my voice for help. The scream brought the residents out of their homes and I informed one of them to call the police. Some of the residents immediately gave chase.

       A short while later, the police arrived and were informed of the direction the robbers took. I gave the police a description of the robbers. The police immediately combed the whole neighbourhood. In a very short while, the police arrested two men based on the description I had given them. I was summoned to the police station to identify the robbers. After all the questioning, the police returned my wallet to me. They advised me to be careful and not to take the lift with strangers. I thanked them and promised to be more careful in the future. It was a harrowing experience and I was thankful that I was not hurt in any way.