A Senseless Act
       It was a humid afternoon. The lift door opened. Suddenly two men rushed in after me. Inside the lift, the two men grabbed hold of me and kidnapped me. Slowly I became unconscious.

       When I woke up, I found myself in a totally unfamiliar place. Out of curiosity, I decided to explore the place. Dead bodies filled the whole area. Just then, I heard quarrels going on. I walked towards the room where the sound was going on. I peeked through a tiny little gap between the doors.

       "Ah ...!" it was horrific. The two men who captured me were trying to tear pieces of flesh off a living human. The two men rushed out when they saw me. I was like a statue unable to move. I was blindfolded by them again. Tears flowed from my eyes to my cheeks as I was afraid that I would suffer the same fate as the man in the "Torture Room".

       The two men came out from the room and asked me for my address but I refused to give it to them. They brought me to the torture room and started to whip me. "We want money!" screamed the two men. They brandished a shiny blade and pointed it at my neck. After many hours, I still refused to reveal my house address or number. They finally gave up and shot me in the head.