Accused Of Shoplifting
       I blinked my eyes furiously, trying to get used to the bright lights as I entered Robinsons. My close friend, Samantha’s birthday was just round the corner. I was shopping for a perfect gift that would please the picky girl. Rene, Sophie and Diana were with me. “Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, what should I buy?” I asked the three girls, using their nicknames.” How would I know, Emerald?” they chorused using my nickname.

       I placed my expensive sunglasses on my head after taking them out of my bag as I did that. They gushed at my birthday gift from my parents. I smiled, basking in their praise.

“Hey! Here’s an identical one!” Diana exclaimed. I whirled around. Sophie neatly plucked off the sunglasses on my head. She examined them closely. I took a closer look at the other pair. It was priced at ninety-nine dollars!

       I snatched my sunglasses back. Since they are so expensive, I had better keep them in my bag! “Let’s go to John Little instead.” Rene suggested. We all agreed and we strode to the exit.

       Two burly-looking men at the exit suddenly grabbed hold of me and forced me to stand still. “We suspect that you have stolen the branded sunglasses on display over there. Please come with us to the manager’s office.” I wanted to struggle, but seeing the crowd that had already gathered around me, I decided to grin and bear it. The guards led me into the office. Rene, Sophie and Diana followed me.

       “I want to call my parents! I tell you, these sunglasses are mine! My parents have the receipt!” Words tore away from my mouth as the guards held up my sunglasses triumphantly. “Fine. Call!” the manager replied quietly. I borrowed Sohpie’s mobile phone and dialed the numbers furiously. I asked my parents to come over immediately and bring the receipt for my sunglasses. They hung up and rushed over to Robinson’s.

       “How can you accuse my daughter of shoplifting for no rhyme or reason?” My father demanded. Having seen the evidence that I was innocent, the manager apologised profusely. The security guards hung their heads to show that they were sorry.

       I practically skipped home after that. My parents and friends tagged along, panting non-stop. That unpleasant incident would be etched in my mind for a long, long time.