Crash! My grandfather tumbled down the stairs and knocked into an antique vase placed stoically near the staircase. I rushed down to take a look at what had happened. To my utmost horror, I saw broken pieces from the vase all scattered around grandfather. Luckily, he was not hurt. I helped him up and asked him to go to his bedroom to rest while I clear the broken pieces.

       "Grandpa! I'm off to get you a drink!" I shouted my lungs out.

       I was sweating profusely under the giant fireball. It was noon and I was braving the extreme heat to go to the nearby shopping mall to get a drink for my elderly grandpa at home, resting on a bed.

       In the twinkling of an eye, I reached the shopping mall. The shopping mall was filled to its capacity. Many people had come here to shop as the 'Great Singapore Sale' was still on. It was so crowded that I had to stretch my neck to catch a breath.

       "Wow! This is the first time I see so many people at this shopping mall!" I thought to myself. I managed to squeeze out of the crowd and went to look for '3A Minimart' which was located at Basement One. I took the escalator down and saw Jason and Alex. They were two of the most notorious boys in the school.

       "Hey chicken! Do you want to do something challenging?" Alex said to me.

       I hated it when they called me a chicken! "Come on! I'm not a chicken! Stop calling me a chicken!" I replied in a fit of anger. "Stop talking rubbish! Want to do something challenging?" Jason spoke threateningly.

       "Okay! I'm not easily defeated!" I told them.

       They dared me to steal a bottled drink from '3A Minimart'. I agreed and sprang into action. I walked with a heavy heart towards the minimart. I began to feel my heart thumping furiously in my chest and beads of cold sweat quickly started to pop up all over my forehead. I decided to think of the consequences." What if I am caught?" If I am caught, I would be sentenced to jail!" Frightening thoughts appeared in my mind. Nevertheless, I decided to pluck up my courage to steal a bottled drink as I did not want them to call me a chicken!

       I looked around to see if anyone was watching. I walked nearer towards the drinks. I stretched my hands out and grabbed a bottle of drink. At once, I ran away at full pelt, not leaving any trace of evidence. Several people saw it and were shocked! "How could a child do such an act?" one of the women said.

       As I ran away, I could hear the shopkeeper yelling and screaming. I ran to our meeting place but I could not find them. I remembered clearly that they had asked me to steal a drink and to meet them there. They had played me out! I was being cheated!

       "Boy, can you please follow me to the police station?" a voice said. I turned around and was shocked to see a policeman. I followed him to the police station for questioning. They asked me several questions and found that I had stolen something. I was the thief!

       As I was underaged, I was sent to the Boys' Home for several months. I regretted stealing the bottle of drink. After this incident, I have decided to turn over a new leaf and not commit such a crime again in my entire life.