Buying Presents
       I was combing the streets of Orchard road, and finally stopped in front of a majestic shopping centre that towered above me. I stepped in and saw a shop selling all kinds of jewels and crystal vases.

       I pondered over a special gift for mother, as her birthday was round the corner.

       Just then, something sparkling caught my eyes. I tried to get a closer look and realised that it was magnificent crystal vase! The shimmering crystal vase shone like the reflection of a lake under the bright moonlight. I cupped it cautiously in my hands to check the price. When I saw the price tag, I was so shocked that the eight hundred and ninety-nine dollar vase slipped off my buttery fingers. Ping! It dropped onto the ground and shattered into a thousand pieces. I stared at the broken pieces in bewilderment. I was dumbfounded with disbelief. My face turned ghastly white, as my lips lost its pinkish glow. My heart punched violently against my lungs and I could feel them bursting.

       I could sense that many pairs of eyes were staring at me. The salesgirls, security guards and manager stormed towards me form all directions like Godzilla invading Tokyo.

       My fright rendered me speechless, as I tried to appear nonchalant, but I could not control the tears rolling down my burning cheeks.

       They bombarded me with a thousand questions like an ongoing machine gun. I had never been so humiliated before and wished that there was a big hole to hide my face.

       In the end, my parents were called in. When I first saw my mother approaching form a distance, I could see the disheartened look on her face. She forked out a whooping eight hundred and ninety-nine dollars with her hard-earned savings. Tears of remorse trickled down my red-hot cheeks. No word could express my sorrow.

       Instead of giving mother a birthday gift to make her happy. I had spoilt her joyous day. All she got was a mass of broken blue crystals which was not even worth a cent.

       When I reached home, I braced myself to face the music. But mother did not even utter a single word! I could sense that she was thoroughly disappointed with my foolish act which caused her to pay through the nose.

       This incident was a major turning point in my life as it had changed me from a careless person to one who is more cautious. Till this day, no matter how hard I try to forget this incident, it could not be deleted from my mind.