A Terrifying Journey
       The chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves formed a lovely orchestra on a Sunday morning. I was at the MRT station, waiting for the train to come. I was on the way for my piano class. I was waiting impatiently when the sound of the MRT moving on the tracks sounded in my ears.

       "Phew!" I heaved a sigh of relief as I would not be late for my class this time.

       "Linette! Linette ...!" I was about to board the train, when I heard someone calling my name a few times. Curious, I turned around and expected to see someone I knew. But, no one was there except the people walking to and fro and the people rushing for the MRT train.

       Thinking that my ears were playing tricks on me, I ignored it. Then, I turned back and boarded the train. "Wow! Nobody on the train! I can sit wherever I want," I thought, feeling great. Most of the time, especially on Sundays, the train compartments were so crowded with people that even the air-conditioning did not seem to cool anyone down. The train reached the next stop, but again, nobody got on!

       I was feeling a little scared now. Then, questions began popping in my mind like firecrackers. Why was there nobody? Why had no one boarded the train for the two stations except me? Were they all waiting for someone so they did not board the train? Or was it a coincidence?

       Crazy, impossible thoughts flashed across my mind and a big question mark hung in the air. With fear mounting within me, I decided to investigate. Slowly and stealthily, I walked through the empty compartments, one after another. But, there was no one!

       Suddenly white smoke filled the whole cabin. And as the smoke began to fade away, a ghostly figure appeared in front of me! I could actually see through that figure!

       Fear overcame me. I bit my lips to stop myself from screaming in fear. I wanted to run out of the cabin, but the MRT train was moving, and my legs were rooted to the ground, refusing to run as commanded by my brain.

       "Hey, Linette! Don't go away. Anyway, I won't let you escape," the ghostly figure said. "How ... how do you know my ... my name?" I stammered, feeling a rising panic in my heart. "And why did you trap me here? I don't know you!" He listened quietly and stared at me with his mouth totally shut.

       Looking at him, a replay of an accident occurred in my mind. "Oh! He was the man who had fallen onto the MRT track and was run over by the MRT train! He was the man. I remember him! I even witnessed the accident!" I recalled.

       I was trembling with fear, a crippling fear. "Why didn't you save me? Why?" The ghostly figure asked, sadly. "I did not know how to save you. My hands were not long enough to reach you. I am so sorry for you, " I replied. "Ok ... then, that's fine. I thought that you had deliberately left me to die on the tracks! I had imagined that you did not want to save me and I was so mad! Sorry to bother you!" The ghostly figure said and then he disappeared.

       "Bishan ... Bishan MRT station ..." announced a voice. The train door opened and a crowd of people rushed in. I quickly squeezed my way out, eager to leave the "ghost train" as fast as possible.

       "I couldn't believe it! I had just spoken to a ghost!" I thought. I was so relieved that the ghost had disappeared!

       From then on, I fought shy of going on board an MRT train. I would rather take a bus and travel for a longer time instead of taking the MRT!