The sun rose majestically. It was six in the morning in West Malibu. We had just finished our breakfast and were driving to the beach. It was unlike my hometown, New York. By this time, New York would be bustling with activities but Malibu was tranquil.

       "Wow! I didn't know that West Malibu beaches are much more beautiful than those in New York!" The beach was sandy and clean with the scent of salty sea air.

       We opened our mats and umbrellas to create a shade to lie under. It was very relaxing. "Ah. This is life," I thought aloud. All of a sudden, we heard screams piercing the air. I snapped my eyes open. People were running in different directions screaming, "Look ... Tsunami!" Upon hearing the word 'Tsunami', I immediately packed my things and warned my parents. Just as we were out of the beach, two huge rolling waves came charging at us!

       "Run for your lives!" my father shouted to us. We bolted to the car and sped down the road. Although we saw the last wave crashing down on some victims, we knew that it was not over. Immediately, we went back to the hotel, packed our things and checked out. As we boarded the flight for New York, we thought about the Tsunami. It was a terrifying experience.

       When we reached home, we told our relatives about our encounter. The very next day, we read that the small town of Malibu was almost destroyed by the Tsunami. Survivors from foreign countries were sent home. We were lucky to have escaped such a horrible tragedy. Hopefully, it would not happen here