An Unforgettable Day
       “Ring! Ring! Ring!” My alarm clock rang. I opened my heavy eyelids and suddenly remembered that that day, Monday, was the day of the class excursion to Pulau Ubin with Miss Lee, our science teacher. I sprang out of bed and began to brush my teeth. After that, I changed into my school uniform and had a quick breakfast of ham and bacon. Then, I began to walk, towards my school to meet my classmates.

       Miss Lee gave us some instructions and put us into groups of six. Then we set off for our destination. An hour later, we arrived at Pulau Ubin. My best friend, Janet and some other pupils were in my group. As we walked along, we saw a stranger walking in front of us. He was eating a banana. “Oh, look at the cute cat!” I exclaimed to Janet, pointing at the cat. Instead of a reply, I heard a scream. I turned around and saw Janet falling down a slope and into a deep lake. Janet had slipped on the banana peel that the man had thrown on the ground and rolled down the slope into the lake!

       As she did not know how to swim, she was gasping for air and was drowning. My blood ran cold. No one besides me in the class knew how to swim, so I took the initiative and carefully went down the slope and dived into the water. I gathered strength and began to swim towards Janet. When I got near to her, she clung onto me and I began to swim back to shore. Janet was heavy and pulled me down, but I managed to get to shore. Meanwhile, Miss Lee telephoned for the ambulance. I pulled Janet to shore and laid her down. Janet’s leg was bleeding profusely and blood was oozing out of the wound in her arm.

       The ambulance arrived in record time. They laid Janet on a stretcher and took her to the hospital. I accompanied Janet to the hospital. The doctor examined Janet and said that she had broken her right leg. She was to stay in hospital for two weeks. Her parents were notified and the man who threw the banana peel on the ground was fined $500 for littering and scolded by the teacher. I was praised for rescuing Janet by Miss Lee.

       That was a terrifying experience that I will never forget. It still sends a chill down my spine whenever I think of it.