An Incident at the Void Deck
       Fluffy white clouds waltzed across the vast blue sky as a gentle breeze blew. Elongated shadows stretched themselves lazily on the ground. School had just ended and I trudged wearily back home.

       As I approached my block of flats, I noticed a crowd of people at the void deck. Out of curiosity, I decided to go towards the scene and see what was happening. I saw a mysterious parcel in the midst and the crowd was pointing and talking among themselves. Suddenly, a man in a dark shirt and pants went forward and pressed something on the parcel. Then he ran away at breakneck speed. I looked closely and was shocked that it was not an ordinary parcel but a bomb!

       I was petrified and I stood rooted to the ground for a moment, not knowing what to do. There was a clock on the bomb indicating the time when it would explode. Thoughts raced through my head. Could it be a hoax? What if it were to explode and bring down the whole building? I suspected that the man was a terrorist and was instructed to activate the bomb. I was concerned that many lives would be lost if I did nothing about it.

       Beads of perspiration trickled down my forehead and my heart was beating very quickly. After a while, I regained my composure. I fished out my mobile phone and dialled 999. By this time everyone in the void deck was in turmoil as they realised the seriousness of the situation. I tried to calm them down as we waited for the arrival of the police.

       Soon a police petrol car cruised into the nearby car park next to the void deck. The police had enlisted the help of the bomb unit to deactivate the bomb but it was to no avail. The police then made a quick decision to evacuate everyone from the building. They were racing against time.

One wrong move ...

A loud 'bang' sounded through the air and smoke enveloped the whole void deck. The firemen were already on standby to control the fire. Fortunately, everyone was out of the building safely before the bomb exploded.

       Occupants of the building watched sadly as their homes were destroyed by the flames. The government had to step in to help resettle the victims. I walked home sadly as I thought of the poor residents.

       The next day, I read in the news that the terrorist was caught as he tried to leave Singapore. I heaved a sigh of relief and I was happy that he had got his just rewards. It was indeed a horrible incident!