The Missing Wallet
       “John! Have you seen my wallet? It was on the table just a minute ago!" complained Richard. He had lost his favorite wallet. Richard was a very picky and careless boy, but he was still my best friend. Seeing his worried face, Jason, Tom and I helped Richard to find his wallet. We searched everywhere but just could not find the wallet. In the end, we told our teacher, Miss Lee, about it and we went home seeing Richard still very worried and upset.

       When I reached home, I immediately settled down to do my work after having a quick dinner and a warm bath. As I opened my heavy bag, I spotted something unusual in it… a palm-sized black object. I picked it up and found that it was Richard's wallet but there was no money inside! I was shocked and at loss as to what to do. That night, I kept thinking about how the wallet ended up in my bag.

       The next day, I explained the situation to Richard and returned him his wallet. Without even listening to my explanation, Richard jumped to the conclusion that I was at fault. "YOU STOLE MY WALLET! RETURN ME MY MONEY!" he boomed. He was furious and immediately rushed to Miss Lee and told her about the matter. I was cut to the quick and I felt so indignant and so frustrated.

       Miss Lee questioned both of us and the whole class and then told us that she would investigate further into this matter. But it was too late. Our years of friendship had already shattered like broken glass and we kept our distance after that heated argument.

       That night, I cried bitterly as if I had failed all my subjects for my examinations. I felt so upset and so helpless. Tears trickled down my cheeks when I recalled the happy times I had together with Richard, my best friend. But now, our friendship was broken.

       The next day was no better for Richard and me. Both of us cried in class. Tom was feeling guilty after seeing us crying so bitterly. He then walked up to Miss Lee and confessed that he had stolen Richard's wallet and placed it in my bag. All of us were shocked to hear that. Tom pleaded with Miss Lee not to punish him. He promised to return the money to Richard and turn over a new leaf. Seeing that Tom was feeling so guilty and remorseful, Miss Lee decided not to punish him.

       Then, Richard and I gave each other a big hug. Our tears of hate, fear and sorrow were turned into tears of happiness and joy. We forgave Tom for his bad deed and the three of us became the best of friends.