About Alan S.L. Wong  

Alan S.L. Wong is the former webmaster of Postkid, an educational web portal. He conceptualised the monthly themes for Postkid since its inception in March 2000 till October 2001. Alan researched, developed and sourced for the monthly contents; determined the navigational structure; and reviewed and tested the design for usability.

He had also developed a preschool curriculum for computer-based learning. The curriculum uses published software arranged in a scope and sequence according to what children are expected to learn from 3 to 6 years of age. He designed worksheets to be completed by children on the computer to help them learn the contents as well as become more familiar and comfortable with computers. This curriculum was implemented in preschools in Singapore, Malaysia and Suzhou, China.

Alan also has his personal web site for parents of young children with interactive assessment worksheets, puzzles and stories for children.
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dated October 2001

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