List of Animal Idioms  

Animal Idioms CD is designed to help primary and lower secondary school students learn idioms (and figures of speech) associated with animals.

There are a total of 209 idioms supercharged with 3D talking animated characters and categorised into the following 12 PowerPoint presentations.

Bird Idioms

The bird has flown; Free as a bird; A bird of passage; Bird's eye view; Crow's-nest; Eat like a bird; For the birds; The early bird catches the worm; A little bird told me; Birds of a feather (flock together); Fine feathers do not make fine birds; A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush; Kill two birds with one stone; A rare bird; As the crow flies; Go the way of the dodo; Hawk-eyed; As happy as a lark; A magpie; As proud as a peacock; Stool pigeon; Swan song (22)

Cat Idioms

Nine lives of a cat; A cool cat; A fat cat; A catnap; Looked like the cat that ate the canary; Grin like a Cheshire cat; Look like something the cat dragged in; Like a cat on hot bricks; Like herding cats; Has the cat got your tongue; Curiosity kills the cat; Let the cat out of the bag; More than one way to skin a cat; Set a cat among the pigeons; No room to swing a cat; Bell the cat; The catís pyjamas (or whiskers); Have kittens; Fight like cat and dog; Raining cats and dogs; When the cat's away, the mice will play; Playing cat and mouse (22)

Dog Idioms

Face like a bulldog's; Work like a dog; Dog tired; Sick as a dog; Lead a dog's life; Treat somebody like a dog; Every dog has its day; In the doghouse; Love me, love my dog; Top dog; Underdog; Gone to the dogs; Why keep a dog and bark yourself; A barking dog never bites; His bark is worse than his bite; Let sleeping dogs lie; Dog eat dog; Call off the dogs; A dog in the manger; You can't teach an old dog new tricks; The tail wagging the dog; If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas; Put on the dog; A dog and pony show (24)

Fish Idioms

Drink like a fish; Swim like a fish; Fish out of the water; A pretty kettle of fish; Other fish to fry; Not the only fish in the sea; Fishing in troubled waters; Fishing for a compliment; A red herring; Packed like sardines; A loan shark; A whale of a time; Happy as a clam (at high tide); Clam up; Slippery as an eel; The world is his oyster (16)

Fox, Wolf & Bear Idioms

Sly as a fox; Crazy like a fox; Like the fox guarding the chicken coop; A lone wolf; Keep the wolf from the door; Wolf in sheep's clothing; To wolf down; Hungry as a bear; A bear market; Gruff as a bear (10)

Horse Idioms

Horse sense; Horse around; Horseplay; Eat like a horse; Eat a horse; Back the wrong horse; A dark horse; Straight from the horse's mouth; Don't look a gift horse in the mouth; Put the cart before the horse; Lock the stable door after the horse has bolted; Get on one's high horse; Horse of a different colour; Hold one's horses; You can take a horse to the water but you can't make it drink; Change horses in midstream; Get on one's hobby horse; Flog a dead horse (18)

Insect Idioms

Ants in one's pants; Have a bee in one's bonnet; Make a beeline for; Put a bug in someone's ear; Bug someone; Bug-eyed; Don't let bed bugs bite; Snug as a bug in a rug; Have butterflies in my stomach; Flea in one's ear; As happy as a flea in a doghouse; A flea market; Would not hurt a fly; Fly in the ointment; Fly on the wall; Knee-high to a grasshopper; Mad as a hornet; Stir up a hornet's nest; Like a moth to a flame (19)

Monkey & Pig Idioms

A barrel of monkeys; Monkey business; Monkey see, monkey do; Make a monkey of; Throw a monkey wrench into; Sweat like a pig; Pigs might fly; Pig out; Hogwash; Live high off the hog; Casting pearls before swine; Make a pig's ear of; Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear; A road hog (14)

Poultry Idioms

Chicken-hearted; To chicken out; Chicken feed; A chicken with its head cut off; Don't count your chickens before they are hatched; Chickens come home to roost; Go to bed with the chickens; A cock-and-bull story; A sitting duck; A lame duck; A dead duck; Get one's ducks in a row; Duck soup; Like water off a duck's back; Take to it like a duck to water; A wild goose chase; Kill the goose that lays the golden egg; Cook someone's goose; Talk turkey (19)

Rat & Wild Cat Idioms

Like rats deserting a sinking ship; Like a drowned rat; Smell a rat; Rat race; A leopard cannot change its spots; A paper tiger; Got a tiger by its tail; The lion's share; In the lion's den; Lion-hearted (10)

Sheep & Cattle Idioms

Like a bull in a china shop; Bull-headed; Like a red rag to a bull; Take the bull by the horns; Hit the bull's eye; A bull market; A cash cow; A sacred cow; Till the cows come home; To kill a fattened calf; A black sheep; Counting sheep; A scapegoat; Get your goat; Separate the sheep from the goats; In two shakes of a lamb's tail; Strong as an ox (17)


Blind as a bat; Mole-eyed; Have bats in one's belfry; Like a bat out of hell; Eager beaver; Plain as the hump on a camel; Straw that broke the camel's back; Shed crocodile's tears; White elephant; Frog in your throat; Kangaroo court; Make a mountain out of a molehill; Play possum; Pull a rabbit out of a hat; Mad as March hare; Squirrel away; Snake in the grass; Can of worms (18)

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