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Parenting in A Cyber-Generation (V)
How do we deal with kids who spend too much time
on SMS and chat rooms?

Do you know what your kids are chatting about? Don't jump to conclusions ... they may be chatting about homework ... they are developing their friendships. You would like your kids to be talking about Jesus with their friends, wouldn't you? A connected generation is not a bad thing. Technology allows us to have our lives connected in ways that can be used for witnessing / ministering to others.

If your child is spending excessive time on the computer then he is not in control ... he/she is being enslaved.

If self-control cannot be brought forth from within then external controls must be enforced to deprive access.

Your trump card - Disable the network adapter or modem

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Double-click the type of device that you want to disable
  3. Right-click the specific device you want, and then click Disable
Other more obvious steps are physically removing the mouse or keyboard and hide these hardware devices including the power cable, monitor cable, etc

But before you use your trump card, ask yourself, "Does your son or daughter have an alternate activity?" If not, there is a danger that the last state may be worse than the first. Help to create alternatives ... expose your children to fun and wholesome activities other than the computer.

For excessive time spent on SMS ... control through the bill. If the kids have to pay for all excessive charges then let consequence be the teacher.

How to deal with kids who spend too much time on SMS and chat rooms? © Dec 2004 Alan S.L. Wong