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Parent-to-Child Relationship: Rules and Reasoning

Commands, Compliance, Rules & Reasons
When I ask my child to do something, he asks, "Why?" ... should I reason with him or should I just expect him to obey?

Kohlberg's Stages - Explained & Illustrated
Illustrations to help explain Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development

ViewPoint - Kohlberg's Stages
A paramedic's response to the above article "Kohlberg's Stages - Explained & Illustrated"

A Christian's Response to the Heinz Dilemma
"The Heinz Dilemma has only one simple honest right answer for Christians. It should be stated, explained and then allowed to stand alone."

Ken, Da Jie and Mother
... a likely moral dilemma faced by today's youth

The Work of Our Conscience
When a child does something wrong, he should feel the wrong of what he has done through his conscience. But how does our conscience work?