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Parent-to-God Relationship

Alan's Testimony
All the other boys were taller and bigger. I felt inferior. To compensate for my height, I often make fun of others.

Who is Jesus?
The question Jesus put to His followers was, "Who do you say I am?"

Rediscover the Reality of God
Where is God? Why is God silent? Why am I not experiencing His reality?

Knowing Myself
Self-awareness requires honesty and courage ... to get in touch with what we are thinking and feeling and to face the truth about ourselves.

Special Night
A reflection on the night of commitment to Jesus Christ as Master and LORD

Reflections on Christmas
What is the basis of our beliefs? Is it what we hear or is it the Word of God?

What Will You Leave Behind?
Lessons from an obituary and Lot

The Father's Heart
A comparison between an earthly fatherhood and the heavenly Fatherhood