Grandparents Baby-sitter Live-in Maid Child Care Centre
Convenience Flexible pickup

Life is one big rush if grandparent is staying some distance away

Probability of resorting to weekend parenting - weak bonding with child
Usually nearby - convenient Own home advantage Few CCC take infants

Late pickup costs you!
Cost     Levy, salary and meals - high for one child Subsidy from government
Adult-Child Ratio   Probably a ratio better than 1:5 Ratio of 1:1 - personal attention

Danger of relegating caregiving entirely to the maid
1:5 for 2-18 mths ... infant stimulation is low

1:8 for 18-30 mths
1:12 for 30 mths - 3 yrs
1:15 for 3-4 yrs
1:25 for 4-7 yrs
Commitment Ties of relationship - higher commitment

Parents dare not dictate preferences - fear of souring relationship
  "More committed" under the watchful eyes of parents High turnover of caregivers
Philosophy of Child Care Tendency to spoil grandchildren Limited education

Only avenue of work

Motivated by money

Possible conflict of interest if baby-sitter has own children of the same age group
Young girls - little or no experience in child development

Usually not given authority to discipline children
Training levels of Basic, Intermediate and Advance as required by MCD
Values Different religions - communication of beliefs to grandchildren? Unknown? Dare not to impose beliefs  
Health and Safety   No health screening Maid's problems become your problems

Potential for abuse and neglect - a trusted adult needed to be around
Health screening for caregivers

More bouts of coughs and colds - passing from child to child
Materials, Equipment and Activities Lack of toys

Troublesome to ferry toys back and forth

Two sets of toys?
No planned program

Lots of TV

Provide mainly physical care
Own toys

Language problem? - language development especially important for toddlers
Wider range of educational toys

Planned schedule help develop routines in child

Continual "on" atmosphere - does not allow child to have "quiet" moments
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