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Ken, Da Jie and Mother
... a likely moral dilemma faced by today's youth

Scenario 1

Ken, a twelve-year-old boy wanted to attend a music concert by N'Sync (or any pop band) with his friends. His mother said that he may go if he could save enough to buy a ticket to the concert. A ticket costs $45.

A few days before the concert, Ken managed to save $50 from his allowance. However, his mother changed her mind and told Ken that they needed the money for buying his school uniform for the new academic year. Ken was disappointed.

What should Ken do in this situation? Why?

Scenario 2

Ken decided to go to the concert. He bought a ticket and told his mother that he had only been able to save $5. That Saturday, he went to the concert with his friends but told his mother that he was spending the day with a classmate to work on a school project.

A week later, someone told Da Jie (Ken's elder sister) that she saw Ken at the concert. When Da Jie asked Ken about it, Ken begged her not to tell mother.

Should Da Jie tell mother that Ken lied about the money or should she keep quiet about the whole matter? Why?

Scenario 3

Da Jie told mother what Ken did. Mother confronted Ken. He protested, "But you promised that I could go if I saved enough for the concert!"

Should mother punish Ken for lying? Why or why not?
A Likely Moral Dilemma Faced by Today's Youth Sep 2000 Alan S.L. Wong