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Self-Esteem: Father, Mother & Child (III)
( Fathers & Mothers )
Aug 1998 Alan S.L. Wong

Self-Esteem: Father, Mother and Child (III)

Fathers and Mothers

Do not think only teenagers and children wrestle with the issue of identity. Parents also struggle with this issue.

Most fathers find the source of their worth and identity from their jobs. Our occupation determines how we spend a large proportion of our time, how much we earn which in turn determines where and how we live and our social circle of friends. All these factors influence the reactions of others, and these reactions lead us to develop perceptions of ourselves.

Where does the worth of a woman come from? For working mothers, chances are they too find their identities in their jobs. But what happens when we lose our jobs or when we retire? Do we cease to be? For some stay-at-home mothers, their self-esteem is tied up in their children. If their children behave well and excel in the academic then they are deemed to be good mothers.

We tend to base our self-esteem on the evaluation of others for our physique, performance and possessions. But all these are weak foundations for self-esteem. True self-esteem must be based on unconditional love and acceptance; and we can only find these in a relationship with our Creator.