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Faithlink - Parent Zone :: By Alan S.L. Wong

Faithlink - Parent Zone is my response to queries (on parenting children and teens) posed to Faithlink, the magazine of Faith Methodist Church in Singapore.

Husband of one, father of two adult sons, Alan Wong is a (Sunday School) teacher at SunJam@10, ACJC. He is the author of "Building the Next Generation", a book on dramatized family devotions for preschoolers and early primaries. He is also the webmaster of "Parenting the Next Generation", a parenting and education website.

April 2009
  1. As an educator of teens, I am at a loss as to how to stop them from spouting vulgarity. Please advise.

  2. Children nowadays are left to run about in a store while their parents are busy browsing around. How can godly parents educate their children to refrain from doing so?

July 2008
  1. A lot of teenagers have their bodies tattooed. Apart from the biblical perspective, how should I dissuade these youngsters from tattooing their bodies?

  2. A 17-year-old boy told me that his girlfriend is his everything. He feels lost when he has not heard from her for two months. Please advise.

March 2008
  1. My teenage child bears resentment against me for having scolded and punished her when young for being disobedient. How can I mend our relationship and how can I deal with the hurt inflicted?

  2. Is it healthy for our toddler to sleep in our room with us? We are concerned about child safety when he is left to sleep alone in another room.

December 2007
  1. I am father to a three-year-old girl and I bring her up alone. Recently, I place her in a childcare centre. She seems able to part with me when I drop her at the centre. However, her teacher tells me she refuses to put down her bag and water bottle, but carries them around throughout her stay. This worries me.

  2. My 17-year-old daughter has many aspirations but seems lacking in concrete actions to work towards them. What can I do?

  3. I see my children only in the evenings after work. How can I make the most of the little time I have with them so that I can still enjoy strong bonding with my children?