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Christian Parenting Articles: Unclassified

Parenting in A Cyber-Generation
Some thoughts on (1) Should kids have mobile phones? (2) How to manage kids' usage of mobile phones? (3) Should we deny access to the Internet? (4) How to monitor kids' surfing? (5) How to deal with kids who spend too much time on SMS and chat rooms?

Sex Education in Singapore
A look at three important issues: (1) What should be taught in sex education? (2) Who should teach sex education? (3) How early should sex education start?

Critique of AWARE's CSE
A critique of AWARE's Comprehensive Sexuality Education based on their Basic Instructor Guide

ViewPoint - Sex Education
A Singaporean lady's views on parenthood and sex education

Self-Esteem: Father, Mother and Child
Self-esteem is important because how one feels and thinks about himself affects the way he acts.

Sibling Rivalry in the Bible
A look into three cases: Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, and Joseph and his brothers

Cultivating Independence
When your child says "No" to you ... is this a reflection of his rebellious sin nature? Or is it a declaration of independence?

Your Child & Money
A look at parents as investors in their children and children as the saver, consumer and giver.