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Talking with Your Child - Case 1
© Mar 1999 Alan S.L. Wong

Talking with Your Child: Case 1

Today is a public holiday. You’re giving your kids a special treat – breakfast at McDonalds. By the time you arrived at 8:00 a.m., the place was crowded. Just as you brought the trays of food to the table, your 2-year-old kid wails and insists on having Alphabits with Marshmallows for breakfast!

My Response
  1. Don’t react. Get in touch with your feelings

    Your first thought may be anger that your child had embarrassed you in public …what would others think of me as a parent? Here you are dealing with your feelings that may cloud the encoding of your idea (to get your child to calm down and eat his breakfast). Your choice of words may be governed by the wrong criteria … your feelings.

  2. Encode your idea with the child in mind

    A 2-year-old child does not have the maturity to understand logic and the process of reasoning therefore any explanation is futile … you are dealing with the child’s inability to decode your message!

    Remove the child from the situation. Take a walk in the neighbourhood and show him that the shops are not opened at this hour. Alternatively, distract the child by presenting a substitute (e.g., cut the hotcakes into small bits and pretend that the scrambled eggs are marshmallows).