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Trilemma of Christ
Who do you say Jesus is?

JESUS CHRIST is unique. He claimed to be God and He made His identity the focal point of His teaching. The question He put to His followers was, "Who do you say I am?"

What do you think Jesus meant when He claimed to be one with God? Why did the Jews stone Him? What did the Jews who heard Jesus understand Him to mean?

There was no ambiguity about Jesus' claim (c.f., Luke 5:20-21). Even the Jews understood perfectly that Jesus was literally claiming to be God. That was why they stoned Him. Who do you say Jesus is? His claim must be considered. I believe there are just two possibilities to this claim:
  1. His claim was FALSE i.e., Jesus was not God.

    This can be further broken down into two situations:

    1. Jesus DID NOT KNOW that his claim was false i.e., He made the claim truly believing that he was God.

    2. He KNEW his claim was false but he made it anyway.

  2. His claim was TRUE i.e., Jesus is who claimed to be: God.
As we examine all three possible alternatives, you be the judge as to which one is the most probable.

trilemma of Christ

Trilemma of Christ :: Lunatic, Liar or Lord Dec 1998; Revised February 2006 Alan S.L. Wong