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Trilemma of Christ (I)
Could Jesus have been a lunatic?

Suppose I came up to you and sincerely proclaimed that I am the Almighty God of the universe, I am appointed to save you from your sins. What would you think of me? You would say that I am a nut!

For Jesus to sincerely believe that He was God in a culture that is fiercely monotheistic (remember the Jews who stoned Jesus?) would not be a mere mistake or fantasy, it would be insanity!

Could Jesus have been a lunatic?

We see no evidence of abnormality or imbalance in Jesus that we would find in a mad person. Rather we find the greatest composure under pressure ... He was calm and serene even when His life was at stake during His trial before Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor. Pilate could find no grounds for condemning Jesus so he washed his hands in front of the people (Matt 27:24-25) to declare that he was not responsible for Jesus' blood!

An insane man could not have demonstrated the same quality of teaching that Jesus did ... consistent, systematic and shrewd. Could an insane man have delivered the famous Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-12)?

Is Jesus mad?

Trilemma of Christ :: Lunatic, Liar or Lord Dec 1998; Revised February 2006 Alan S.L. Wong