Interactive PowerPoint Games  

Stimulate Student Learning
with Interactive PowerPoint Games

With Vox Proxy, trainers and teachers can create Interactive PowerPoint Games to captivate and educate their students. To showcase Vox Proxy's capabilities, I have created three shell presentations patterned after popular gameshows.

  • Who Wants to be A Genius?
  • Vox Proxy's Celebrity Squares (Tic-tac-toe)
  • i KiaSU (Singapore's version of Jeopardy)

    KiaSU = afraid to lose
Overview: In these games, students assume the role of contestants in a gameshow. The games are hosted by a 3D talking animated character who will verbally pose questions to the students. Each question has an automatic timer; contestants are challenged to answer before the time runs out; if it does, the answer will be counted as a wrong answer. Students compete for points or "dollar" amounts individually or in teams. The games can keep track of the scores.

You may like to divide your class into two teams, and have the teams compete for a prize. Interactive games are great for re-energizing the class and enhancing the learning.

With Vox Proxy, your creativity and PowerPoint know-how, you can create your own games to stimulate student learning!

If you like to see Vox Proxy's capabilities and potential application to training and education, contact Alan Wong at xxxx-xxxx or to arrange for a live demo.

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