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Jeroboam II, son and successor of King Joash of Israel, reigned 41 years, and continued the evil legacy of his namesake, the first King Jeroboam. Because of his commitment to evil, the prophet Amos prophecied that the LORD would punish Jeroboam, bringing “the sword” against his regime.1 This was fulfilled when, just after Jeroboam's death, his son King Zachariah was murdered and his throne usurped.

During Jeroboam's time encroachments suffered in recent decades became so severe that Israel's continued existence was in doubt. The LORD, however, not yet willing to completely give up on Israel, helped Jeroboam. At the prompting of the LORD's famous prophet Jonah, he organized military exploits that restored much lost territory to Israel.

Where to read Jeroboam II's story: 2 Kings 14:23-29

  1 Amos 7:9
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