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Nothing is known of Menahem's origins. Just a month after Shallum brazenly assassinated King Zachariah, Menahem did the same to Shallum, taking the throne himself. He proceeded to reign ten years, all the while sponsoring the sinful cult founded by King Jeroboam.

Only two incidents are recorded of Menahem's reign. He mounted an attack against Tiphsah, a town at the extreme eastern limits of ancient King Solomon's empire, which must have been far beyond Israel's realm by Menahem's time. The city refused to surrender to him, and so once he penetrated it, he avenged himself by destroying the city and massacring its population, including even its pregnant women.

Another time Assyria invaded Israel. Menahem secured peace with a large payoff to Assyria's king, which he raised via a special tax.

When Menahem died, he was succeeded by his son, Pekahiah.

Where to read Menahem's story: 2 Kings 15:14-22

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