"Saved" Game

The "Saved" Game is modeled after the card game "Heart Attack" and was conceived for the 2010 Easter Programme for Children at Faith Methodist Church. The "Saved" Game may be used as a pre-evangelism tool for children.

It has a set of 8 game cards - 4 picture cards without words (as in first row) and 4 with washout pictures and words (as in second row). This game can be played by both readers and non-readers. Young children who cannot read can still play this game if they can recognise the two "saved" cards (see below).

Pictures are taken from "The Toddler's Bible".

Man has sinned God loves us Christ died for us Believe in Jesus
Man has sinned God loves us Christ died for us Believe in Jesus

Suggested number of players: 4-6 children
Suggested number of cards: one set of 8 cards per child

Briefly explain and introduce each of the cards to the children ... highlighting the "Saved" card (either one of the two cards shown with a red border above).

Gameplay: All the cards are shuffled and divided into face-down stacks among the players. One player removes the top card of his stack and places it face-up on a table within reach of all players. The players take turns doing this in a clockwise manner until a "Saved" card is placed on the pile.

At this point, any and all players may attempt to slap the pile with the hand they used to place the card; whoever covers the pile with his hand first and shouts "Saved!" takes the pile, adds it to the bottom of his stack and shuffles it. He/she then places a (new) card face-up on the table and gameplay resumes.

When a player has run out of cards, he/she is out of the game. Variation: When a player has run out of cards, he/she has one more chance to slap the next "Saved" card and get back in the game, but if he/she fails, he/she is out.

Gameplay continues until one player has acquired all of the cards.

Game variations:

  • Players attempt to slap the pile as quickly as possible. The last person is forced to take the pile, and the first player to get rid of all his cards is the winner. This variation is more exciting as the game does not hinge on the one with the fastest slap.

  • For older children, players have to slightly slap their chest (heart) before slapping their hand on the top of the pile.
Here is the original set of 8 game cards. Have fun!

Here is another set of 16 cards on A3-sized paper. The cards have coloured borders with colours as in the Wordless Book.

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