Maximum learning is always the result of maximum involvement or activity
but only if the activity is meaningful.

Do you agree with the following statements?
  1. Practice makes perfect.

    Practice does not make perfect only permanence. If you keep practicing the wrong things, you will not improve. Well-guided practice makes perfect.

  2. Experience is the best teacher.

    Experience is a good teacher but not the only one. Experience of drugs can be dangerous and a difficult teacher. Properly evaluated experience is the best teacher.

  3. We learn by doing.

    But we must make sure that we are not doing the wrong things. We learn by doing the right things and sometimes, we can learn by doing the wrong things.
Ancient Chinese Proverb
I hear and I forget;- we remember up to 10% of what we hear
I see and I remember;- we remember up to 50% of what we hear and see
I do and I understand.- we remember as much as 90% of what we hear, see and do

What you do results in more than understanding, you change! The goal of Christian education is not knowledge but obedience.

Characteristics of a meaningful activity
  1. Provides direction but not dictatorship

  2. Stresses on function and application

  3. Planned with a purpose – What do you want your student to know, feel and do?

  4. Concerns itself not only with the product but also the process (of learning) and launch the students on a path with no limitations

  5. Is realistic (life-like)

  6. Involves problem solving (their problems)

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