Teaching is most effective when students are motivated.

There are two types of motivation: extrinsic and intrinsic. As the teacher, you can only work on the outside and you hope to trigger intrinsic motivation and develop the student into a self-starter.

How to motivate?
  1. Create a need – Your task is to surface real needs (at the subconscious level) to the conscious level as felt needs

    To surface real needs, use the Word of God and their experiences (expose them to challenges)

  2. Develop responsibility with accountability

  3. Structure their training experience

    Stages of (skill) training: telling, showing them a model (demo), practice in a controlled situation and doing in a real situation. You don’t learn how to swim by reading books.

  4. Intensify personal relationship – you cannot impact someone across a chasm

  5. Provide recognition and approval
Have confidence in the Holy Spirit to change people.

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Alan's Gleanings | October 2011 by Alan S.L. Wong