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“Oh, I know him but he doesn’t know me.” The statement and its qualification together mean that the speaker knows about the person mentioned but does not know him personally. In other words, there is no relationship between the two. Can we know God and just not know about Him?

Yes, you can know God personally. You can have a relationship with Him … a Father-son relationship. The Bible says that all who believe in His name are the children of God (John 1:12) and because we have been adopted as sons, we call God “Abba, Father” (Rom. 8:15).

We not only have a relationship with our Heavenly Father but He knows us and He knows us perfectly. Why, even the hairs of our heads are all numbered by Him (John 10:14; Luke 12:7). There were times when I stop in the middle of my prayers because I became aware that He knows my thoughts even before I verbalize them. During these times, I would be still and bask in the light that He knows me, perfectly, 100%. God is my Father and He cares for me (Matt. 7:9-11).

God knows us but can we know Him? Can we finite beings know God who is infinite? Yes, we can ... to the extent that God had revealed Himself to us. And God has revealed Himself to us through His creation, the prophets, His Son Jesus Christ and the Scriptures.

Creation declares God’s handiwork (Psa. 19:1). Through creation, God’s eternal power and divine nature are revealed to all mankind (Rom. 1:20). Since creation is so magnificent (beautiful, detailed and orderly) then there must be a creator (the source) and He must be powerful to create all that we see in nature. However, when this revelation that there is a creator is rejected by men (i.e., they worshipped the created things rather than the Creator), God gives them over to their sin and this resulted in greater evil-doing (Rom. 1:26-32). Man’s unrighteousness incurs God’s wrath and judgment (Rom. 1:18-20).

To know God is to know His character and His ways. Moses pleaded with God to reveal His ways so that he may know God (Exo. 33:13). God’s ways … thoughts, speech and actions … are rooted in His character. Do you know God’s ways? Do you know God’s “normal” responses to unrighteousness, to plea for forgiveness and to cries for help?

In the Old Testament, God revealed Himself to men through the prophets. A prophet is a spokesman for God … God’s mouthpiece communicating His mind and will to man (Deut. 18:18). Later, God spoke through Jesus Christ (Heb. 1:1-2). Jesus said, “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father …” (John 14:8-9). Jesus, who was with God, has made known the Father (John 1:18).

But we have not seen Jesus! I am reminded of Jesus’ words to Thomas, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29). Knowing God requires faith … believing that God will reward those who seek Him (Heb. 11:6).

In these last days, God has spoken to us by His Son, Jesus Christ and this “speaking” is preserved for us in the New Testament (John 20:30-31). The New Testament is not the only written record of Christ, the Old Testament Scriptures are rich in prophecies concerning Him (Luke 24:27). We can only know God to the extent that He had revealed Himself to us and He has revealed His ways and His character in history through His interactions with man. God's words and works are recorded for us in the pages of the Bible. Therefore, we can know God intimately through His Word. Read and meditate upon it. Through the milk of the Word, we grow ... discovering and experiencing God in our lives (1 Pet. 2:2-3).

Can we really know God? Is it possible that finite man can know the infinite God? Yes, we can know God but not as He knows us (Gal. 4:9a). He knows us more than we know Him. He knows us fully but we know Him in part (1 Cor. 13:12). We all need to learn to rest in the knowledge that God knows us perfectly. Because we believe in Him, we know Him as our Father. Through the Word, we learn of His ways ... His “normal” response to man's cries for help and forgiveness ... and get to know Him better.

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