Not always what they seem Mark 11:1-11

As Jesus and His disciples left Bethany and approached Jerusalem, Jesus gave specific instructions to two of His disciples to locate and bring a yet unbroken colt (an untamed young donkey) to Him from the village opposite Bethphage. I wonder what went on in the minds of these two disciples as everything happened exactly as Jesus said and anticipated. Wouldn’t they conclude that Jesus knows everything about tomorrow and that the other things that He foretold would also come to pass? Earlier in Mark 10:32-34, Jesus foretold His sufferings, death and resurrection.

As Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on the donkey, the people spread their garments and leafy branches on the road, before his path. Some went ahead, some were following and they all shouted, "Hosanna! … "Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!"

At Jerusalem, many more people were waiting, waving palm branches and welcoming them. The multitudes had come to Jerusalem for the Passover feast; they heard of Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead in Bethany and came out to meet this miracle worker (John 12:12-13). They too were shouting, "Hosanna! … Blessed is the King of Israel!"

It must be quite a crowd for the Pharisees described the scene as “the world has gone after Him” (John 12:19). There was excitement in the air as the people recognized Jesus as the coming Messiah-King who will establish the Davidic kingdom and rule as King of Israel. The crowds were expecting Jesus, the miracle worker to raise an army, march against the Roman authorities and free them. “Hosanna” means "O save us now".

I wonder how Jesus felt as He saw the crowd and heard their shouts. Things are not always what they seem. Jesus was not going to His coronation but to His death … to free them not from the Roman authorities but from sin. Jesus' disciples and the crowd did not realize all the implications of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.

Spiritual Exercise: Are you going through a rough patch? Or are you sailing through calm waters? Things are not always what they seem. Ask God for insight to your problem or blessing (James 1:5)? If God grants you insight then great; if not, continue to trust Him.

Prayer: Sing this song aloud as praise to God.

   I don't know about tomorrow;
   I just live from day to day.
   I don't borrow from its sunshine
   For its skies may turn to grey.
   I don't worry o'er the future,
   For I know what Jesus said.
   And today I'll walk beside Him,
   For He knows what is ahead.

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