From One to Two

Also published in the April 2010 issue of Faithlink, the magazine of Faith Methodist Church

Everywhere I turn, I see two
But I could not find one like me

Though I am made like You,
You are not like me.
You are unique, the only One

You need no one
But I need someone
To have and to hold

It is not good for me to be alone
So You made someone
For me alone

The one I love is the one I hate
The one I cleave is the one I leave

I could not live with her
Nor could I live without her

You gave us Your only One
And You gave me
The only way to have and to hold1.

Alan S.L. Wong

This poem is a reflection of my struggles as a single and as a married man.
1The only way to have and to hold can be found in Eph 5:25.

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