Learning tends to be most effective when students come adequately prepared.

Value of good assignments
  1. Precipitate thinking – a kind of mental warm-up before class
  2. Provide foundation upon which you can build
  3. Develop habits if independent study
Characteristics of good assignments: (1) creative and (2) thought provoking.

Predictability and impact have high correlation. If your students can predict your methodology, the lower is your impact so be unpredictable and keep them guessing!

Problems encountered in applying this law
  1. People come unprepared

    So what do you do? (1) do it in class and (2) tap their experiences

  2. People lack confidence

    So what do you do? Show them how

  3. One person dominates the class

    So what do you do?

    • Express appreciation in his contribution
    • Solicit his help to get the rest of the class participating
    • Call on him (to speak)

  4. People are afraid to participate

    So what do you do?

    • Encourage them to participate and affirm them when they do

      There are no stupid questions only unanswered questions!

    • Gradual experience: start with self-discovery, neighbor nudging or sharing then class participation

    • Exercise great patience: rephrase question and wait - people are uncomfortable with silence

    • Give them notes

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