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VTAide Logo started in 2001 with a focus on education but has since extended its products and services to businesses and government organisations. Our recent web design projects are BBR Holdings (S) Ltd., CEF Asia Pacific, CEF Singapore, Chen Li Kindergarten, FOSTA Pte Ltd, UNIOR Singapore Pte Ltd, ClassPoint Consulting and Lush on Holland Hill.

Every website that we design is visually appealing, search-engine friendly, user-centric and effective. Call Alan Wong at 6224-2348 to set up an appointment where
  • we get to know you, your business and your goals and expectations for your site
  • you get to know us, what we can do for you and our design approach - no jargon, just plain language
Bring PowwerPoint to Life
Virtual Teacher Aide has terminated its business operations w.e.f. 31 March 2011.

We can also create talking PowerPoint presentations (with audible speech) that captivate interest and get your point across.

  • Translate your printed materials into on-screen presentation

    Whether they are sales brochures for potential customers or annual reports to senior management, we will ensure that the on-screen presentation complements your handouts.

  • Create a looping interactive kiosk presentation for your next trade show

    ... with messages designed to sell your products or services. There is no special hardware or software requirement to run the kiosk presentation. All that is needed is your Windows-based computer with a nice-looking monitor. This means cost savings. Moreover, the kiosk presentation may be easily updated by you or if you prefer, you can engage our services to update your presentation.

  • Communicate your product information through a gameshow format

    Questions about your product may be presented in the format of popular gameshows. A 3D talking animated character acts as the gameshow host, posing questions to participants. We can track the number of correct responses and you may want to grant participants (with the required number of correct responses) a chance at a lucky dip.

  • Create an autorun CD for product launches, technical support, virtual trade shows and event promotions

    You can freely distribute the CD. With the chosen character as your proxy, it is as good as if you were making the pitch. Or leave the CD behind after a face-to-face presentation.

Call us at xxxx-xxxx for a discussion about your next presentation or the design of your Company's website.

Can you do the same without engaging our services? Yes, you can if you have Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 and Vox Proxy.

Vox Proxy is a powerful scripting tool that adds 3D talking animated characters to PowerPoint.

Susan Tom
Vox Proxy characters
  • perform numerous animations,
  • speak in multiple languages,
  • respond to voice commands and
  • carry on interactive conversations.

Doc Simon
  • Version 3 of Vox Proxy supports the new PowerPoint 2003 Viewer and comes with an entirely new Online Help, complete with context-sensitive help topics and fully-formatted PDF and DOC files, so you can print the Users Manual. AT&T Natural Voices™ (optional) is also available for purchase with Vox Proxy. Version 5 is now available!

  • Download a 30-day trial of a fully operational version of Vox Proxy (54 MB).

  • Read FAQs about Vox Proxy and their answers.

  • Order Vox Proxy by completing the order form and mail it back.

  • Call xxx Wong at xxxx-xxxx or to arrange for a demo or for educational pricing.

Virtual Teacher Aide has terminated its business operations w.e.f. 31 March 2011.
For enquiry on VOX PROXY, please contact:
Does your brand have a sense of humour? With Vox Proxy, you can add humour and infuse a personality into your presentations. Read ClickZ article on brand marketing.

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