& the Burglar

It was a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. John's parents were not at home so John decided to go to the Community Club to watch a basketball match. Nobody was home except Barky, his pet Alsatian.

Just after John had left, a burglar forced open the window with a crowbar. He stepped through the window and began searching the rooms. He caught sight of John's father's safe. He turned the combination lock and opened the safe. The burglar used to be John's father's best friend and knew the secret combination.

He took out the valuables. As he was about to leave, he heard a fierce and loud bark. He looked up and saw a giant Alsatian and he froze in terror.

Barking Dog
Barky was about to pounce on him when John came home. John commanded Barky to sit down.

John told the burglar, "Come with me to the police station or else Barky will bite you!"

The burglar reluctantly followed John to the police station with Barky close behind. A policeman handcuffed the burglar after John told the policeman what had happened. In the end, the burglar was sentenced to five years jail and fined ten thousand dollars for his crime.

Copyright by Huang YiZhong
Written in April 1998

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