Hand shadows and Shadow play

  1. Hand shadows

    Most of us have done it ... have fun with shadows. Simply shine a light onto a wall and start making shadows of animals with our hands.

    Here are some links to hand shadows you can create:

    Why do our hands cast a shadow?

    Answer: Our hands are opaque (i.e., doesn't let pass through) so when they are placed in front of a light source, they cast a shadow.

  2. Shadow play

    Shadow play is a kind of drama where storytellers stand behind a screen and manipulate flat puppets. A bright light throws the puppets' silhouettes (or shadows) onto the screen. On the other side of the screen sits the audience.

    In Java and Bali, the shadow theatre is known as wayang kulit and is often accompanied by gamelan music (a musical ensemble of metallophones, xylophones, drums and gongs). The puppets or figures are made of hand-painted and intricately carved leather, and they are manipulated behind a screen and controlled with rods.

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