Progression Paths
from Primary 4 to 6

At the end of Primary 4, students are placed into three streams according to their language abilities. The rationale is to allow children to progress at their own abilities so that they can complete primary education successfully. The high ability children are allowed to take an additional subject which is Higher Mother Tongue (EM1). The low ability children (EM 3) will take Mother Tongue at basic proficiency level. Majority of the students will be in EM2 taking Mother Tongue as a second language.

Does a child benefit when he is taught together with others of similar abilities? If he is taught together with others of widely differing abilities, will he be bored, discouraged or challenged? Is it too early to stream children at Primary 4? What impact does streaming have on the self esteem and confidence of a child who is placed in EM3? Streaming remains a controversial issue.

Streaming at the end of Primary 4
to allow a pupil to study at the pace that he is able to cope with and excel in.

Pupils are streamed according to their results
in English, Mother Tongue and Math.
Results in Science are NOT included.

Results are based on semestral assessments:
SA 1 (30%) and SA 2 (70%).
Continual assessments (CA) are NOT included in the overall results.

Band 1 (85 - 100%)
in all 3 subjects

Band 3 (50 - 69%)
or better
in any 2 subjects

Band 4 (below 50%)
in any 2 subjects

Will be offered EM 1
English & Mother Tongue
as 1st language level
Will be offered EM 2
English as 1st language
and Mother Tongue
as 2nd language
Will be offered EM 3
English as 1st language
Mother Tongue & Math,
both with modified syllabi

For streaming from Primary 4 to 5, parents have a choice.
You can accept the assigned stream
OR choose a different stream.
The decision should be based on your honest assessment
of your child's capacity to cope and ability to excel.

Primary 5 EM 1

Primary 5 EM 2

Pri. 5 EM 3 Pri. 6 EM 3

Minimum Results
Reqd to Go On to
Pri. 6 EM 1
English & Mother Tongue:
Band 2
Higher Mother Tongue:
Band 3
Math & Science:
Band 3

Minimum Results
Reqd to Go On to
Pri. 6 EM 2
At least a Band 3
in any 2 subjects:
English, Mother Tongue
Math and Science

For streaming from Primary 5 to 6, parents do NOT have a choice.
The pupil's overall performance in CA and SA will determine
whether he or she remains in the assigned or chosen stream.

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