Family Devotions

How do we pass on biblical values to our children? How do we captivate their interest in family devotions?

The book, "Building the Next Generation" was written out of personal experience and in response to parents' need for a usable book to do family devotions based on the Bible. An exciting and practical book on dramatized family devotions for kids (preschoolers and early primaries).

Unique format in three sections


Family Devotions for the Young and the Restless by Dr. Wallace (Prof. of NT Studies, DTS)
Green Square 10 chapters of reading materials on a philosophy of parenting and family devotions. Filled with personal testimonies and real-life illustrations that will challenge you to action

1. Why Spend Time with Our Children

2. Why Teach the Bible to Our Children

3. Why Parents Make the Best Teachers of Their Own Children

4. Two-dimensional Model of Parenting

5. Why Use Bible Stories and Dramatization

6. How to Prepare for Family Devotions

7. Basic Format of Dramatized Family Devotions

8. What if ...

9. Teaching Obedience

10. Leading Your Child to Christ


Expository notes (pdf format) on Genesis by Dr. Constable (Prof. of Bible Exposition, DTS).
30 Bible studies for parents to help them in the study of God's word for themselves personally or in a group. Here is a listing of the first 10 Bible studies.

1. In the Image of God    (Gen. 1:1-2:3)

2. Two or One?    (Gen. 2:18-25)

3. The Doubts We Entertain    (Gen. 2:16-17; 3:1-5)

4. The Lure of Temptation    (Gen. 3:1-13)

5. Dare to be Different    (Gen. 6:1-22)

6. Two Worlds, One Fate    (Gen. 7:1-24)

7. The Tower of Pride    (Gen. 11:1-9)

8. Painful Lessons    (Gen. 11:31-13:7)

9. Playing with Fire    (Gen. 13:8-14:24)

10. A Father's Legacy    (Gen. 19:1-38) ....... AND 20 more Bible studies


Both sections of Bible studies and dramatized devotions are based on Genesis.

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The beginning of our family devotions
20 devotions for kids (preschoolers and early primaries) filled with suggestions for songs and crafts that will get your creative juices flowing. Here is a listing of the first 10 devotions.

1. God Made the World and Everything in It    (Gen. 1:1-25)

2. God Made You Special    (Gen. 2:4-25)

3. Don't Listen to Those Who Tell You to Do Wrong    (Gen. 3:1-15)

4. Noah the Odd One Out    (Gen. 6:1-22)

5. Will God Punish Sin?    (Gen. 7:6-24)

6. When We Disobey God There Is No Happy Ending    (Gen. 12:1-13:7)

7. Don't Tease the Tiger    (Gen. 13:8-11; 19:1-29)

8. Does God Keep His Promises?    (Gen. 18:1-15; 21:1-7)

9. The Lord Will Provide    (Gen. 22:1-19)

10. Walk Away from Quarrels    (Gen. 26:1-31) ....... AND 10 more devotions

"Building the Next Generation" - Dramatized Family Devotions for Preschoolers and Early Primaries
Copyright by Alan S.L. Wong

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