Camp Out (2)

Adapted from a script written by Goh Horng Ber
Primary 4.8 of Zhang De Primary School

Narrator: In the evening, Christopher and his daddy packed their things and got ready to camp out.
Father: I have chosen to set up camp by the riverside. What do you think, Chris?
Chris:& Father That's fine. It'll be convenient for us to get water from the river.
Narrator: That night, Christopher and his father slept in their sleeping bags. They were totally unaware that a grizzly black bear was nearby. The bear's growl woke Christopher up.
Chris: Daddy! Wake up!
Narrator: Daddy got up and climbed up the tree. Then he tried to help Christopher up the tree.
Chris: Help! Stick Man Falling From Tree Bear
Father: I can't hold you up.
Narrator: Just then, Christopher remembered that he had some strawberries in his pocket, so he threw the strawberries to the bear. But the strawberries were gone in seconds and the bear was still growling madly.
Father: Dear God, please keep Chris safe.
Chris: (Thinking aloud) Grandpa once taught me to pretend to be dead ... hold my breath and lie down on the ground motionlessly.
Father: (Praying) Please God, make the bear go away.
Narrator: Christopher lay very still on the ground and held his breath. Soon, the bear went away.
Chris & Father: Phew! Thank God the bear went away.
Chris: Luckily, I did what Grandpa once taught me to do!
Father: Yes, I'm so glad you're safe. We should go home now before more bears come after us!
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