CompuTrek for Kids - A Computer-Based Educational Service for Child-Care Centres and Kindergartens

Alan has developed a multi-tier curriculum for children (ages 3 - 6 years). The curriculum covers both learning about computers as well as learning through computers. The bulk of the lesson plans are on the latter. This computer-based educational service uses published software arranged in a scope and sequence according to what children are expected to learn in the various age groups.

In response to requests, Alan designed worksheets to be completed on the computer. In the process of working on these colourful worksheets, children will become more familiar and comfortable with computers. Children will learn about choosing edit options from menus, saving files, changing directories and exporting files in different formats. More than 200 worksheets have been integrated into the curriculum.

He managed and serviced 10 client-accounts (including clients from Penang and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Suzhou in China).

He also designed a management database for child-care centres and kindergartens. The database has pre-templated forms that enable users to enter data by filling in the blanks. Users will be able to navigate easily ... switching from a main menu to sub-forms with a click of the mouse. Sub-forms offer further options to select from. The database also offers a quick lookup ... a child's particulars and who to contact in case of emergency can be accessed through alphabetical filter buttons.

Summary Features

  • Fun, interactive educational software programs

  • CD-ROM library

  • Teacher to student ratio of 1:10

  • Multi-tier curriculum for children (ages 3 - 6 years)

  • Learning about computers: Computer literacy

  • Learning through computers: Math, language & cognitive skills

  • Integrated worksheets on the computer (to be used with KidPix)

  • Child-care management database

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