Some Endangered Animals of Asia

An endangered species is a species whose population is so small that it is in danger of becoming extinct. Many of the endangered animals of Asia are in danger of dying out because of human activities that destroy their habitats and disrupt their food chains. We even hunt some of these animals for their skin, horn and body parts!

Birdwing Butterfly Forests of Papua New Guinea •   Bagheera - Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly
•   AMNH Science Bulletin - Birdwing Butterflies
Giant Panda Bamboo forests in the mountains of of south-western China •   Giant-Panda.Com
•   Animal Info - Giant Panda
•   Bear Biology
•   Giant Panda Printable
•   Panda Cut-Out Mask (pdf, 235 KB)
•   Saving Giant Pandas (pdf, 3.81 MB)
Indian Rhinoceros North-western India and Nepal •   Animal Info - Indian Rhinoceros
•   Indian Rhino Information
•   Indian Rhinoceros Printable
Komodo Dragon Islands of Indonesia •   Bagheera - Komodo Dragon
•   Komodo Dragon Printable
Monkey-eating Eagle Forests of the Philippines •   Bagheera - Philippine Eagle
•   Philippine Eagle: Biology and Ecology
Orang-utan Forests of Borneo and Sumatra •   All About Orangutans!
•   Bagheera - Orangutan
•   Animal Info - Orang-utan
•   Our Red Relatives
•   Orangutan Printable
Malayan Sun Bear Tropical hardwood rainforests of Southeast Asia •   Bagheera - Malayan Sun Bear
•   Sun Bear Printable
White-handed Gibbon Tropical rainforests of China, Thailand, Laos, Burma, Malay Peninsula and Sumatra •   BBC Wildfacts - White-handed gibbon
•   Utah's Hogle Zoo - White-handed gibbon
Asian Elephant Large blocks of forest near water sources and grasslands •   Animal Info - Asian Elephant
•   Asian Elephant Conservation Program
•   Asian Elephant Printable
Asian Tiger A variety of habitats with ample food, water and moderately dense cover •   Saving Tigers in the Wild
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The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and the World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) maintain a global list of endangered and vulnerable animal species called the Red List.

Why save endangered species? - A pdf brochure from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (1.08 MB)

Is cloning a possible solution for endangered and extinct species? Read the challenges in cloning endangered species!

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