The Escape

The warm beams of the morning sun filtered through the heavily-barred window of our cold and hard prison cell to greet me and Pete. I turned and looked at my cell-mate and smiled. We both knew one thing ... today, we would escape.

Time passed ...

It was nearing night and a skinny-looking guard opened the door of our cell to give us our last meal for the day. I kicked his face and Pete strangled him till he fainted. We took his jailor keys and locked the door of our cell so as not to draw any attention. I took his pistol and two extra magazines which were in his belt. Then we waited. In the dead of the night, we crept out of our cell and ran up the jail stairs, releasing two of our friends on the way.

We were soldiers who were captured in year 2050 during World War 3. We ran down the corridor into a room and met some enemy soldiers, three to be exact. They were armed with M60 machineguns and we only had a dumb pistol. We did not believe in killing as we were Christians and became soldiers only to protect our country.

Suddenly, there was a tremor in the room and the soldiers fell forwards. We quickly took away their M60's and overpowered them without much trouble. We tied them up and covered their mouths with pieces of cloth. Then we ran out of the jail.

Bang! A shot rang out and we dived for cover. We were out of the jail and in the thick snow. We fired a few shots back as we ran. What else could we do when we were up against a dozen soldiers?

Our two friends were shot dead or recaptured. Only Pete and I managed to escape. They lost us in a thick forest. We continued running, praying along the way that our good and brave friends were not dead. We ran swiftly past the border of that country and into Sweden. We stopped running and took a look around us. We were back home! We looked at each other and smiled.

Soldier Soldier

Story Copyright by Huang YiPeng
Written in June 1999

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