Wolf-in-the-BoxSmall Good Wolf    

I am Small Good Wolf, the grandson of Big Bad Wolf. It was Christmas and I wanted to organise a costume party. I dressed up as a lion ...

Lion Walking ... to scare my friends ... Small Cute Pig, Small Gentle Pig and Small Kind Pig ... because their grandfathers boiled my granddad! I set off for the three little pigs' house, roaring all the way.

The pigs heard my roar and thought I was a real lion. They took out their blowpipes, loaded them with darts and stormed out of their house. When I saw their blowpipes I hid among some bushes.

Though I wanted to take revenge on them, I also wanted to live up to my name. I was supposed to be a good wolf. So I decided to forget the ugly past and continue to be the pigs' friend. I took off the lion skin then I invited them to my costume party. We had a wonderful time playing together.
Pig-in-the-Box Pig-in-the-Box Pig-in-the-Box

Story Copyright by Huang YiZhong
Written in October 1998

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