More Animals of the Arctic
MUSK OX aka Bearded One
  ~ Head Butt

Habitat: mountains & Arctic (tundra) Size: 1.2-1.5m high; 227-650kg Adaptation: 10cm thick fur coat helps it to survive the cold Arctic winters; huddle together to defend against predators Diet: grass, moss, lichen & plants Predator(s): wolf & polar bear
Reindeer aka Caribou (wild)
Habitat: mountains & Arctic (tundra) Size: ≈ 1.8m long; 1.2-1.5m high; 80-318kg Adaptation: has wide hooves to walk over slippery ice, deep snow & marshy tundra Diet: lichen, sedge & willow Predator(s): eagle, wolf, bear & man
DALL SHEEP ~ Head Butt
Habitat: Arctic (tundra) Size: 0.9-1.5m long; 90cm high; 68-136kg Adaptation: its white coat helps it to blend with the surroundings at higher altitudes Diet: lichen, twigs, grass, sedge & dirt (for salt) Predator(s): wolves, coyotes, black bears & Grizzly Bears; young may be killed by golden eagles

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  ~ Bouncing Jump

Habitat: Arctic (tundra) Size: 48-67cm head body; 3-8cm tail; 3-7kg Adaptation: bounces away on its hind legs like a kangaroo; fur turns brown in summer Diet: grass, flowers, leaves, twigs & soft poop Predator(s): wolf & eagle
  ~ Tundra Glide

Habitat: Arctic (tundra) Size: 30-40cm long; 0.6-0.8kg Adaptation: presses its body against the ground to minimize detection; hibernate during winter Diet: seeds, berries, willow leaves, mushrooms, grasses & flowers Predator(s): Grizzly bear & birds of prey
LEMMING ~ Run & Hide
Habitat: Arctic (tundra) Size: 10-13cm long including stubby tail Adaptation: migrates to find food; brown in summer & white in winter Diet: plants, roots, berries & lichens Predator(s): Arctic fox, snowy owl, wolf & wolverine