Arctic Birds
GRYFALCON ~ Dive Bombing
Habitat: Arctic Size: 50-63cm long; 160cm wingspan; ≈ 2.1kg; Adaptation: takes a short flight up then dive straight down at its prey; can grab prey even in midflight Diet: lemmings, squirrels, arctic hares, ptarmigans & birds Predator(s): eggs & hatchlings may be picked off by ravens
SNOWY OWL ~ Wait & Grab
Habitat: Arctic (tundra) Size: 51-71cm long; 1.3-1.5m wingspan Adaptation: feet are covered with thick feathers; lay more eggs when there are more lemmings (i.e., food) Diet: lemmings, squirrels, rabbits, birds & fish Predator(s): weasel, fox, prairie dog & man
ARCTIC TERN ~ Plunge Diving
Habitat: Arctic Size: 30-43cm long; 75-85cm wingspan; 95-125gm Adaptation: spends May & Jun in the Arctic, Nov & Dec in the Antarctic ... flying 19,000km each way Diet: fish, krill & insects Predator(s): Arctic fox

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PUFFIN* aka Sea Parrot
  ~ Catch & Carry

Habitat: Arctic Size: 25-30cm high; 500gm Adaptation: backwards pointing notches in its upper bill help it to secure fish already caught & open its bill to catch more fish Diet: fish Predator(s): wolf, fox, gull & man
GODWIT* ~ Alarming Scream
Habitat: Arctic Size: 37–53cm long; 190–630g Adaptation: its long, slightly upturned bill enables it to hunt for prey in mud & shallow water Diet: insects, snails, crustaceans & aquatic plants Predator(s): heron, gull, fox & weasel
  aka Snow Chicken

Habitat: mountains & Arctic Size: 0.3-0.7kg Adaptation: its thick feathers reach its toe tips protecting it from cold; speckled feathers in summer to blend with plants & stones Diet: insects, leaves, berries, seeds & flowers Predator(s): birds of prey & man hunting & trapping them