Whales & Shark of the Arctic
ORCA aka Killer Whale
Habitat: Arctic Ocean, Antarctic Size: 5-10m long; 1,300-5,400kg Adaptation: breathes through a blowhole on its head Diet: fish, squid, seals, sea lions, walruses, birds, sea turtles, otters & polar bears Predator(s): None
NARWHAL ~ Tusked Unicorn
Habitat: Arctic Ocean Size: 4-5.5m body; 2.4m snout; 1,000-1,600kg Adaptation: swims in small pods of 2-12 Diet: fish, squid & shrimp Predator(s): walrus, polar bear, shark, orca & man hunting their skin for food & ivory tusk for ornament
Habitat: Arctic Ocean Size: up to 30.5m long; 200MT Adaptation: swims with its mouth open, feeding along the way ... filtering out small fish & shrimp through its baleen plates & bristles Diet: plankton, small fish & shrimp Predator(s): orca

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BELUGA ~ Playful White
Habitat: Arctic Ocean Size: 4-6m long; 900-1,300kg Adaptation: has a flexible neck that enables it to nod & turn its head in all directions Diet: krill, squid, octopus, cod, mussels & crustaceans Predator(s): polar bear, orca, shark, wolverine, wolf & artic fox
  aka Dogfish

Habitat: Arctic Ocean Size: ≈ 6m long; 900kg Adaptation: uses their sharp sense of smell to find food Diet: fish, seals, porpoises, flesh of dead animals Predator(s): man hunting their liver for oil, skin to make boots & upper teeth as knives